Get Started


Follow the installation steps.

Once the library is available to FlashDevelop or your chosen IDE, create a new Javascript Project.

Flash Develop - New Project

Go to Project > Properties > Compiler Options and add haxor library in it.

Flash Develop - Compiler Options

Haxor should be available on your Project References.


Haxor uses a different entry point than Haxe.

Using the created Main class make it extend Application.

Haxor - Main Class

The Application class wraps the initialization process and separate it in Load and Initialize

Haxor - Workflow

Using the Asset class, it is possible to preload different types of data.

The Application class automatically handles the queue and calls Initialize after everything is loaded.

In order to inform which Application class must be instantiated, the class pah must be passed in the script tag in the HTML

Haxor - Javascript Call

Using the application attribute you can select different entry point paths for your project.

The other attributes in the tag are temporary and will be handled differently in future versions.

This sums up a basic setup to use Haxor.

Make sure to check the Examples page and the Haxor Library to learn more.